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Vice Presidency


Vice Presidency

Isabelle was the Vice President of a UK political party and a member of its Senior Leadership Team between 2019 and 2022. She acted as an advocate on the issues of justice, equality, education and poverty, often on a cross-party basis.

Think Tank

As a Board Director of a policy research forum, she is also a Trustee of its associated think tank, which brings together senior academics and policy makers to produce new thinking on domestic, European and International issues.

Political donor network

Isabelle served as the Patron of a network for political donors which brought its members together for regular policy discussions and events with senior politicians and key thought leaders.

Political candidacy

She is a past Parliamentary candidate and has stood in both a ‘target seat’ in the 2019 General Election and a ‘media seat’ in 2017. In 2016, she stood for the London Assembly and later became an Ambassador for the party she represented.


Former barrister

Professionally, Isabelle worked nationally and internationally as the Head of a barristers’ chambers and HR consultancy she founded in 2012, following a lengthy career as a barrister in the public, private and charitable sectors.

Civil Service

Her public sector experience was gained largely through her work for the Civil Service, during which she was awarded one of only 30 places on a 3-year leadership programme aimed at preparing the next generation of Directors-General and Permanent Secretaries. Following this, she went on to lead Governmental change management programmes from initiation through to implementation.

Executive Directorship

Isabelle is the Chief Executive Officer of Social Value UK, a civil society organisation that is the professional body for anyone interested in social value and social impact.


In addition to holding early years and adult education teaching qualifications, Isabelle was a trustee of educational charities and a former school governor. Through her governorship, she chaired Appeals Panels and also led HR-related Committees. Her specialist area of governance was safeguarding and child protection.


Based on her in-depth knowledge of law, education and politics, she has appeared on BBC Radio, Sky News, ITV and other mainstream media. She is a sought-after writer and speaker on linked topics including corporate responsibility, leadership and ambassadorship.


In the 2021 New Year Honours List, she was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty The Queen for political and public service.

FTSE 100

In the past, she has worked for a variety of organisations, including as Group Legal Advisor to a FTSE 100 company as well as setting up the employment law litigation department for a professional association and trade union.

Regulatory work

She specialised in advising C-Level Executives on how to grow organisations that are legally and ‘best practice’ compliant. She did this, not only through providing legal advice, but also through conducting investigations, chairing internal hearings and mentoring organisational leaders.

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